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What are talismans?

In essence, making a talisman is the act of creating an object at an auspicious astrological time to capture a certain planetary configuration and draw it down to Earth. They carry the qualities of the alignments they're made under, acting as permanent containers and transmitters of these energies.  Creating a talisman is a ritual process that involves petitioning the planetary spirit with offerings, incense, prayers and meditation before commencing the making of it, which occurs within a brief and specific window of time. They are created according to the technical and theoretical talismanic practices that have evolved over thousands of years, informed by primary sources like The Picatrix and Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy.  



















My Process

Each month (or so, depending on astro-weather) I will offer a preview of the upcoming talisman opportunity through my newsletter.  If the themes of the talisman coincide with something you’d like to cultivate or amplify in your life, you can pre-book the opportunity to commission one.  Before making the talisman, we will meet for a natal chart reading to discuss your specific desires and concerns, and I will tailor the talisman to you by including herbs, flowers which resonate with your chart.  


With this information in hand, I make the talismans at the elected time by combining the herbs and small abstract paintings and embedding them in layers of translucent wax.  I create an altar with offerings to the planet/s in question, light candles and incense, recite prayers or incantations, and enter a meditative state.  I have a regular practice of planetary devotion and altar building, which informs and supports me in these larger workings. With the altar prepared, all my materials set out before me, and a burner melting the wax, I pour the wax at the elected time and then consecrate the talisman with incense and incantations.


You will receive your talisman in the mail within 2 weeks of creating it, along with additional information on how to work with it.


My Background

Aside from my own personal study of the art and history of talismans (which I synthesized into a lecture which you can see a replay of here), I am indebted to several contemporary talismanic practitioners who I’ve learned from.


I have learned from Christopher Warnock’s writings and virtual classes, which have given me a historical grounding of and practical approaches to this art form.  I have been inspired by the work of astro-mage Kaitlin Coppock, and have used her talismanic material regularly for the past few years.  I often recommend her materia to clients and friends, as well as her website which is a vast treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom.  I have also learned from the Nina Gryphon, a practicing astrological magician for over 20 years, and have used her elections for my previous talismans.  

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