The Petrified Order by Daniel Small is a series of four hollow IKEA props: a laptop, Xbox 360, internet router, and DVD player, all manufactured for commercial furniture stores. These objects were petrified at a well in North Yorkshire, England, where objects have been left dating back to the middle ages when the seemingly unexplained rapid petrification was attributed to a kind of belief in the supernatural spurring countless myths

about the well. The petrification takes place due to an unusually high mineral content in the water, and the props were coated in stone over the course of months. In this sense they are facades of stone surrounding the hollow contour of a now dated fetishized technology. Taken together, they are simultaneously objects of the past and the future, and although recognizable, their forms are an impossibility of what would be found in

some future archaeological dig.

The Petrified Order, Installation

The Petrified Order, DVD Player

The Petrified Order, Laptop

The Petrified Order, Internet Router

The Petrified Order, X-box