The Nomadic She: Dreaming Exercises from Relational Synaesthetics

By Jesse Cohen

Psyche Tap

Write a question to your dreaming state before bed. Place your notebook in a spot you can easily reach from where you sleep. In the morning, and if you wake up during the night, note any thoughts, dreams, or feelings that you remember. See what happens if you ask the same question several nights in a row.

[Note: to aid dream recall, it can help to stay tuned to your dreaming body by keeping your physical body as close as possible to the position it was in at the moment you woke up. You can even keep one eye closed as you write.]

What Is the Sun Before It Rises?

Set two alarms: one for an hour and a half before dawn, and one for just after the first light of day. Note any thoughts, dreams, or sensations that you recall during or after the time between the alarms. In the case that you dreamt, but don’t remember what, describe the quality of the dream residue.

Synchronicity Tending

Think of something that has been coming up for you a lot. It could be a number, a person, an animal, a color, a body sensation, etc. For one week, each night before you go to sleep, meditate on this thing in whatever way makes sense to you. Keep notes about any experiences, thoughts, or dreams that you have about this thing over the course of the week.

Nightmare Medicine

Think of a scary dream you’ve had and write it down. Imagine that the fear you experienced carries its antidote within it in the form of an invitation. For example, yesterday’s dream of falling invites you to fly in your dream tomorrow. In the present tense, write down how your antidote dream might unfold. Record yourself reading your antidote dream. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and play back your antidote dream recording as a self-guided meditation.

Dream Team

Gather one or more friends who would like to dream together. You do not need to be in the same place, or to go to sleep at the same time. Together, choose a song for all dreamers to listen to while falling asleep, as well as a word to set the tone for the dream space you would like to create. Write the word on a piece of paper. When you are tired and ready for bed, take a moment to meditate on the word and then put it under your pillow. Lie down and listen to the song as you drift off. Do this together for at least three nights in a row using the same word and song. Compare notes every morning.

Parasites  from "Dream Collages"

Tin Man Heart Surgery  from "Dream Collages"