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Conversing with the Fates: An Introduction to Tarot

February 27, 2022

In person class in Los Angeles, CA

The Tarot can be seen as a philosophy of life, a map of human consciousness and of human experience distilled down into 78 cards. The archetypes of each card mirror both our inner and outer worlds, and we can work with them for insight, self-reflection, guidance, and divination.  Because the Tarot speaks to everything Out There as well as everything In Here, it is a tool for both coming into alignment with our deep self as well as with the larger world we inhabit. A personal Tarot practice can be both simple and profound, as it’s a tool for helping us connect to our innate wisdom within. We’ll discuss various approaches to working with Tarot, from using it for self-reflection, to using it for concrete guidance and divinatory purposes.  I will speak to my ideas about best practices, and how to approach it with intention, integrity, clarity and without fear.  I will offer a historical, philosophical, psychological and practical perspective to working with the cards, with the intention of helping participants to develop their own personal approach.  The class will include a PDF with keywords for each card, plus intuitive exercises and partnered readings.  

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