Talis began in 2017 as a clothing line for psychic protection inspired by my study of the occult, apotropaic magic, and astrology.  It evolved to include collaborations with other designers and artists, including Landbreakers clothing, Fruitstitute LA, and a journal I edited called the Journal of Psychic Protection.  In addition to the original line of shirts for psychic protection, I now also offer Tarot and Astrology readings, classes, custom artworks called Pharmakons that are created as spells to accompany readings, talismanic clothing, and writing. 

Talis clothing and related objects have been sold at The Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Creatures of Comfort, the Marciano Foundation, Ooga Booga in Los Angeles, The Future in Minneapolis, The Witches Confluence, as well as a handful of independent art book fairs.

I studied art-making, theory and history as an undergraduate at New York University and received my MFA in Sculpture from Bard College in New York. 



My approach is centered on the belief that we are co-creative agents in a mysterious and intelligent universe, and that we can use the Tarot and Astrology to meet our present circumstances with empowered knowledge and understanding.  Whether I am consulting the cards or your birth chart, my role is akin to a cosmic interpreter: I translate their symbolism and archetypal forms in conversation with you to understand their meaning in your lived experience, and to offer reflection, support and guidance.

I have learned from and studied with many invaluable teachers and thinkers.  My astrological practice is informed by a hybrid of traditional and modern approaches, and I try to blend similarly ancient and modern approaches in my Tarot practice as well.  Some of the teachers who have impacted me most include Richard Tarnas, Demetra George, Austin Coppock, Chris Brennan, Christopher Warnock, Mark Jones, Mary K Greer, and Rachel Pollack.  My work is also influenced by depth psychology (especially the work of Carl Jung and James Hillman), mythology (especially Greek), and art history.  I have also studied intuitive development with Naha Armady of 22 Teachings in Los Angeles, and core shamanism with Mimi Young of Ceremonie.  

A birth chart reading is an analysis and interpretation of the picture of the sky at the moment you were born.  A reading can provide a deeper understanding of your life's challenges and patterns, and shed light on the gifts you carry.   I use a combination of traditional and modern techniques, and my readings take a psychological approach (the chart can reveal facets of the psyche), a spiritual approach (looking at the birth chart as an imprint of the soul's desired growth) as well as a practical approach (assessing the current and future "weather" to help you align with and prepare for the larger timing cycles of your life).  I always aim to tailor my readings to your interests and concerns, and encourage a conversational dialogue.  

A Tarot reading can be helpful for gaining clarity around specific questions, a set of questions, or themes in your life that you seek deeper understanding or guidance around.  My reading style is fluid and conversational, and I always welcome your reflections and input as well. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for revealing past dynamics, uncovering deeper layers of the present, and illuminating future potentials and opportunities.  Seeing your inner and outer life reflected back to you in the cards can be an affirming experience which brings you deeper into contact with your own inner knowing.


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