Hello! I'm Natalie Labriola.  I'm a visual artist who offers intuitive Tarot and Astrology readings.  My artwork and mystical work inform each other, and I have been practicing both for several years.  

Talis began in 2017 as a clothing line for psychic protection, which is a collection of wearable magical garments inspired by my study of occult magic and astrology. It evolved to include a Journal of Psychic Protection, and now acts as a container for all of my mystically oriented offerings.  

My lecture on A History of Women Mystic Artists through the Golden Dome's online school is accessible  here.  

I studied art-making, theory and history as an undergraduate at New York University and received my MFA in Sculpture from Bard College in New York.  I studied Evolutionary Astrology and Astrological Counseling with Mark Jones through his Pluto School, and intuitive/occult practice with Naha Armady at 22 Teachings School in Los Angeles.  I have also studied core shamanism under an apprenticeship with Mimi Young (Ceremonie) and am a certified Akashic Records reader.  


My approach is centered on the belief that we are co-creative agents in a mysterious and intelligent universe, and that we can use the Tarot and Astrology to meet our present circumstances with empowered knowledge and understanding.  Studying your birth chart prior to a reading gives me access to the blueprint of your soul's intentions for this lifetime; while the Tarot offers guidance and a deeper understanding of your present circumstances.  

Although I felt connected to the magic of the universe as a child, I was fairly disenchanted by the time I found the Tarot as a young adult.  This initial orientation of skepticism compelled me to work with these tools for several years before offering them professionally.  This dedicated practice with myself and those close to me has affirmed my belief in the magic of these ancient archetypal systems and their potential to catalyze healing in our lives.  

This is why I'm drawn to mysticism: it's a framework that empowers you to connect with your own inner knowing, and it's an honor to act as a conduit for you in this way. 

In addition to stand-alone Tarot readings, I offer the option to combine your reading with a custom sculpture, which also acts as a spell, and which draws on my knowledge of herbalism and plant magic. Here are some examples of wax pieces made in tandem with Tarot readings. 


In addition to participating in specific fundraisers, I donate at least 10% of my profits to organizations which support BIPOC communities.  Past fundraisers and donations have gone to The Black Herbal Mutual Aid Network, The Black Artist Fund, National Bail Out, Navajo and Hopi Covid Relief Fund, and others.

Sliding scale: I offer sliding scale/pay what you can sessions one day a month.  To stay updated on those dates, please subscribe to my newsletter: