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Birth Chart as Kaleidoscope: Astrology Fundamentals

Class Details


7:30-9:30 pm


8/4/22: The Planets & Nodes of the Moon

8/11/22: The Signs of the Zodiac

8/18/22: Houses & Aspects

8/25/22: Synthesis & Chart Interpretation Techniques


Private residence in Northeast Los Angeles, address given upon registration


$120 for 4 sessions

Reading one’s birth chart is akin to peering into a kaleidoscope: the more it’s turned from different perspectives, the more it reveals about the changing pattern inside. The word kaleidoscope comes from a mash-up of three different ancient Greek words (kalos, eidos, and skopeo), together meaning “the observation of beautiful forms” — a phrase that could equally be used to describe the practice of astrology, which is based on the observation of the movements of the planets and the corresponding events on Earth. Astrology is a geocentric art, meaning that celestial events are described from the point of view of life of Earth — as such, astrology doesn’t endeavor to describe Ultimate Reality but rather our subjective experiences from our relative position in the Universe. As a picture of the sky at the moment of birth, the birth chart is a symbolic map of one’s life, which describes the archetypal fields of both inner and outer experience. We decode its meanings by analyzing the position of the planets relative to the zodiac, their house location, and the aspects or angular relationships between each other: in effect, producing a poetic and symbolic narrative synthesized from the raw elements of astronomical and mathematical data. The astrological tradition dates back to ancient Babylonian star gazers, and in this class I will draw on the histories, concepts and techniques of both our ancient predecessors and modern practitioners. To read your own birth chart is to intimately understand the quality of time encoded in a single moment — the moment of your first breath — which paradoxically takes an entire lifetime to reveal itself fully. The birth chart can be a lifelong companion, and an invaluable tool for self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and a deeper understanding of one’s challenges and gifts.

If interested in joining or if you have any questions, please get in touch with me at

Engraved agate with the zodiac and planets from 4th century Greece


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