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Horoscopes for February - March 2023

Horoscopes for Venus, Neptune and Saturn in Pisces

These horoscopes are written for mid-February to early March of 2023, and are focused on key moments within this timeframe because they crystallize clues for what’s to come in the Pisces part of your chart over the next three years. Venus and Neptune will conjure a dream, vision or ideal that Saturn will help bring to life over the next few years.

Venus-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces February 15th

Venus and Neptune will form a conjunction in Pisces on February 15th, which infuses the week with soft, romantic, inspired, artful and otherworldly energies. When Venus meets with Neptune in the sky, the Venusian pleasure principle and desire for beauty, relationships, and romance gets pushed into overdrive, as Neptune demands more connection, more transcendence, and more fantasy, please. These planets together in Pisces pull at our imaginal and artistic heart strings, and show us a keyhole through the door of material reality which looks out onto the transcendent realms beyond. If the gap between fantasy and reality feels more glaring now, and is accompanied by an aftertaste of melancholy, remember that you are in the process of glimpsing the contours of something that is seeking form in your life.

Saturn enters Pisces March 7th

The Venus-Neptune conjunction represents a wave of desire that fades as quickly as it peaks, but what it leaves in its wake will be the inspiration for what Saturn will help us build into reality when it enters Pisces on March 7th. Saturn will ask what we’re willing to sacrifice in order to concretize our vision, what structures need to be in place to support us, and how hard we’re willing to work towards an ideal. It will start to inspect the foundations of the Pisces part of our charts, and perhaps pour some rain on it to make sure there’s no leaks. We’ll learn to be adaptable and resilient in new ways, and to put new structures in place that can help us to weather the storms and bring inspired ideals to life.

Key Dates

February 15th - Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces

March 7th 2023 - May 24 2025 - Saturn in Pisces

September 1 2025 - February 13 2026 - Saturn in Pisces

Aries Rising

The Venus-Neptune conjunction on February 15th happens in your 12th house, which the 2nd century philosopher Ptolemy described as a place where “stars are obscured by thick, misty exhalations from the moistures of the earth.” That’s to say that what happens here is not easily seen, understood or grasped by the conscious mind. Because of the Venus-Neptune extreme pleasure principle, the desire to merge with another now may be working against your best interests, if you have duties to attend to in the world of practical concerns. Alternatively, this aspect could highlight a desire to find healing pleasure in solitude, to become deeply immersed in a creative process, or to explore spiritual practices.

When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, it will begin a roughly three year tour of your 12th house, which can be a productive time of behind the scenes work. Saturn will act as a lantern to help you peer into the deepest recesses of your mind, a companion in the places of solitude that can help you perceive what is normally difficult to see. It could help to guide you towards practices or systems to support your mental health, and put you in touch with the workings of your subconscious mind. This is an important time of preparation, and what you discover and recover during this transit will lay the foundation for the close of a 30 year cycle and the beginning of a new one when Saturn enters your 1st house in May of 2025.

Taurus Rising

The Venus-Neptune conjunction on February 15th happens in your 11th house of friends, alliances, and networks. If you create and share things with the world, this house also represents whoever constitutes your audience, broadly speaking. You could find that what inspires the deepest feelings of connection and inspiration this week are the friendships in your life, the groups you belong to and the people who support and uplift you. This week could bring a blessing from a friend or colleague in the form of an inspiring meeting, praise, favorable attention or an offer which allows you to create more art, beauty and value in the world.

When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, his intense spotlight lands in your 11th house, representing a period of focused dissemination of the work you’ve been doing over the past several years. These next three years represent a period of time where you can make meaningful contacts that help to further your work in the world, afford you greater visibility, and help you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the connections in your life. Saturn here may reveal stark truths about illusions connected to certain people, but it can also help to crystallize a potent circle of friends and alliances who are working alongside you to bring your goals to life.

Gemini Rising

On February 15th, Venus and Neptune meet in your 10th house of your career and profession, which imparts a strong dose of magnetism, charm and imaginative flair to any professional or public facing project you’re currently working on. This is not a moment for practical planning, checking items off your to-do list, or working a spreadsheet — the fates are whispering in your ear, egging you on to dream bigger and to waltz with your muses in the moonlight. Let yourself envision those grand ideals, those that represent the height of your creative potential — this moment comes and goes as quickly as a wave, but it leaves a trace in the sand of some vision you’ll want to follow after it passes, so take note of what dreams bubble to the surface of your reveries.

When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, you are entering a major period of culmination, maturation and realization around the ways you show up in the world, professionally or otherwise. However you’ve been crafting your public self over the past several years will come up for review during this period — Saturn in this part of your chart will challenge you to embody your dreams in a tangible, structured, and grounded ways. It will bring lessons around dedication, patience and sacrifice, but its reward will be that you feel a sense of pride and culmination around your professional and public-facing projects.

Cancer Rising

On February 15th, Venus and Neptune meet in your 9th house of higher ideals, allowing you to find inspiration in mind-expanding activities — reading, traveling, writing, or studying may offer intense pathways to creative visioning. This week, you can tap into what gives your life a larger sense of purpose and meaning, what makes you feel alive and inspired to explore this world. You may feel a deep sense of wanderlust right now, with a strong inclination to explore other places, cultures, thoughts, and beliefs. To answer the call of Venus-Neptune, tap into a larger framework of ideals which helps you to expand your thinking, gets you out of your intellectual or physical comfort zone, and as far outside your normal routine as you can go.

When Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7th, its demand for hard work will be felt in this area of your life. If you’re feeling called to go back to school, learn a new trade, or broaden your emotional/intellectual/spiritual horizons, this is a time where real gains can be made. Saturn here asks you to make a serious commitment to expanding your mind and broadening your world — whether by undertaking a course of study, traveling, studying, or teaching. Perhaps you are crystallizing your hard-earned insights into words, making them accessible to others through texts or classes or art. Saturn here is about committing to the hard work of learning, refining, and transmitting the underpinnings of your life’s work.

Leo Rising

On February 15th, Venus and Neptune will meet in your 8th house of shared resources, infusing the psychic, emotional or financial ties to another with a kind of blissful energy. When you come together with another with a spirit of vulnerability, curiosity and openness, the flow of give and take can feel balanced, sublimely effortless and deep. This transit may heighten your desire for intimacy, helping you to lower your defenses and feel more comfortable with vulnerability. If there have been issues with a partner or collaborator over shared finances, the negotiation of power dynamics or the obligations you have to each other, this week can act as a healing nectar of conciliatory charm.

When Saturn enters your 8th house on March 7th, it will bring a level of seriousness to your shared obligations, whether within a romantic relationship, a creative collaboration, or a business partnership. You may enter a period of reviewing the ways in which you handle your finances and putting new systems in place that can support you in practical ways. This transit will help you figure out how you negotiate power in relationships, what rules and boundaries you need to draw in order to protect your energy, as well as discovering what resources are available to you that will help to support you.

Virgo Rising

On February 15th, Venus and Neptune meet in your 7th house of one-on-one relationships, sparking your desires, fantasies and ideals within a romantic or business relationship. The house of love, marriage and business partnerships is the site of creative ideation, exploration and collaboration. The tendency to idealize a partnership could be strong here, but this is not necessarily bad, if it inspires you to perform (or receive) grand acts of romance or generosity. If you’re unattached romantically, this could be a potent time to tap into and visualize the qualities you desire in a partnership.

When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, the inspector general of the cosmos comes to firm up, evaluate and stress test your commitments. This could represent a time of resolution around a relationship — either the strengthening of bonds through marriage, the deepening of a collaborative partnership, or the dissolution of a connection if it doesn’t appear to be able to stand the test of time. Saturn as the ruler of time wants to make sure that the commitments you make to another are those that help you to maximize your precious time on earth. Although Saturn’s presence may feel heavy at times, it can ultimately serve to strengthen your ties by teaching important lessons around compromise, commitment, presence and accountability to the important people in your life.

Libra Rising

Neptune has been meandering through your 6th house for many years, its presence at varying times potentially making you feel drained by the demands on your work, or focusing your attention on practices that support your physical health. When Venus conjoins Neptune on February 15th, there is a feeling of support, relief or assistance in your daily work and health routines. Whether you’re forming a supportive alliance in the workplace, or feeling your partner’s extra support and care, you are helped by the relationships that support your daily life.

When Saturn enters your 6th house on March 7th, you are asked to put the structures, routines and habits in place that can support the expansion of your life in sustainable ways. These new habits and practices could be around exercise, diet, or a more disciplined approach to your daily routine. Because it’s in the sign of Pisces, these routines should be flexible enough to support periods of rest, relaxation, dreaming, exploring, and going down rabbit holes of inspiration on a whim. Saturn here can help you discover the systems that help you make the most effective use of your time and energy, and those which support the ebbs and flows of your creativity and energy.

Scorpio Rising

When Venus and Neptune meet in your 5th house of pleasure, romance and creativity on February 15th, take time to visualize your most potent creative desires, and stay open to the inspiration that comes this week. Even if an idea seems out of reach or like a far off dream, it may be a clue about where your creative muse wants to take you, closer to the truth of what is seeking expression through you. This would be an ideal moment to truly soak up pleasure for pleasure’s sake, in whatever way feels most delightful for you. What do you want to give birth to, creatively or literally?

Whatever artistic or creative vision comes to you this week will be the raw material that Saturn will help you shape into reality when it enters Pisces on March 7th. This will begin a roughly three year period of time where Saturn will ask you to take your creative dreams seriously, and to put in the work to give them form in the world. You may find that your creative practice requires more time, discipline, dedication, and that new routines or habits are needed for rising to the challenge. In this process, you may confront the ways in which you’ve shrunk from the duty of bringing your creativity to life, but over the course of this transit, you can come to a hard-won feeling of pride in your creations and talents.

Sagittarius Rising

On February 15th, Venus and Neptune meet in your 4th house of home and family, inspiring you to find or create pleasure and beauty in the place you call home. You could be longing for a living space that reflects your aesthetic desires more clearly, or generally seeking to make your home feel more emotionally resonant, comforting, or beautiful. If there is a twinge of melancholy in this pursuit — if it conjures nostalgic ideals of home or childhood — let this week be a portal that shows you how to create an ideal sanctuary for yourself in new ways.

When Saturn enters your 4th house on March 7th, you’re entering a roughly three year period of time where you can focus on defining what home means to you, and where and how you want to put down roots. The footings that support your life are up for review and inspection, and this period of time can be profound for laying new foundations both psychologically and physically. Any work you to do reorganize, prune and streamline your home mirrors a process of re-working your inner foundations and helps you to release outworn attachments to the past.

Capricorn Rising

Venus and Neptune will meet in your 3rd house of communication, making it an opportune time to tap into inspiring words — those you write, read, or exchange with others. Perhaps you’re feeling inspired to learn something new, read poetry, write prose, or simply whisper sweet nothings into the ear of your beloved. You could find that a conversation which seemed challenging flows easily now, or that discussions with a friend or sibling inspire you to tap into a potent creative vision for something you want to bring to life.

When Saturn enters Pisces and your 3rd house on March 7th, it will begin to ask you how you can commit more seriously to your words, writing, ideas and communications of all kinds. Whether you’re starting a writing project, taking on a new area of study, or simply wanting to be more purposeful with your words, Saturn will help you to see what the necessary routines and supportive habits are to keep you on task. You could be working towards to disseminating your work through new channels, or getting your ideas out into the world in new ways. Saturn here can help you to discover the new routines and practical systems that can support you in your quest to produce and disseminate your ideas, communications and projects more effectively and purposefully.

Aquarius Rising

On February 15th, Venus and Neptune meet in your 2nd house of income and values, inspiring a new dream related to how you earn money or how you produce value through your talents and skills. This transit could illuminate a big vision or goal, so stay open to new ideas or inspirations over this week. Because Neptune is prone to create a bit of fog around financial matters, use this day to dream and ideate rather than commit to a plan of action. If what you long for feels frustratingly out of reach, remember to exercise patience, as Saturn is coming around the corner with the practical tools (and tests) that you will need to bring this dream to life.

When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, the planet of responsibility and discipline can help you find the channels, systems and structures you need to bring this vision to life. This could represent a period of hard work and focused dedication. Saturn asks if your feeling of self-worth is commensurate with the abundance that you desire, and if not, it will show you your growth edges to help bring them into alignment. During this period, you can draw on your inner strength to steadily work towards a goal that feels meaningful and rewarding, both financially and emotionally.

Pisces Rising

As a Pisces rising, you’re having a massive influx of energy in your 1st house of identity this month. When Venus and Neptune meet in your 1st house, you’ll feel inspired to imagine the most potent expression of your creative spirit and infuse your world with this imaginative and dreamy elixir. You may be feeling inspired to embody a new aspect of your identity which is in some way connected to beauty, art or the ideals you hold dear. Whatever healing balm or artistic vision that this planetary meeting inspires lays the foundation for the Saturnian work you’ll do over the next few years.

On March 7th, Saturn will enter your 1st house and start demanding that you take this dream seriously. This could involve assuming more personal responsibility in your life, business or relationships, and while this may feel burdensome at times, it is also reinforcing your evolving maturity and capacity to grow. Saturn’s presence here helps you to strip away any illusions or outdated ideas about who you are, and to help you grow into a more embodied, authentic version of yourself. These next few years represent the seed of a new cycle, and the plans and dreams you imagine now hold the DNA of what can come to bloom over the next 30 years.


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