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This shirt captured the Sun in Leo, the sign of its rulership, where Solar qualities of vitality, will, and individual expression find a powerful and creative home in Leo.  

Much like taming a dragon, pursuing one’s creative work in the world often feels like a quest for the buried treasure that exists just beyond the fears, doubts and anxieties that emerge along the path.  These fears and doubts are like ogres at the threshold of a bridge that one must negotiate with to cross to the other side.  Even when experience teaches us to trust our intuitive hunches on this shadowy path, it can be hard to continually take new leaps, when every time somehow feels like the first big jump.  The Sun in Leo provides an infusion of bravery, but not for the sake of bravado alone — it’s a bravery to meet the inner fears so that one may take those meaningful risks, however big or small.  It provides an influx of creative energy that simultaneously connects one deeper to one’s inner creative compass while also flooding the spirit with a brightness and a desire to radiate outwards.  


The drawing of a man standing on a dragon holding a shield is based on the description for a Sun in Leo talisman from the Picatrix, which is a philosophical and technical manual of astrological magic that dates from the 11th century.  


The shirts were printed with this drawing between 5:54 am - 6:42 am on August 12th 2021.  This election features the Sun ruling and conjoining the Ascendant,  and the Moon in the third house of communication, applying to sextile the Sun, which further emphasizes the solar qualities of this chart.  Before printing commenced, I set out an altar with offerings of a Solar nature: wine, amber and frankincense incense, saffron, sunflowers, chamomile and rosemary from my garden, yellow candles, and an altar cloth featuring The Sun artwork. 

Thank you to Nina Gryphon for this election.

Cream Sun in Leo Short Sleeve

  • Care Instructions:

    Please turn shirt inside out and wash on cold.  Do not mix colors with whites as the colors may bleed, especially the first wash. 

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