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These automatic writing samples were done by the spirit medium Baron L. de Guldenstubbe in 1857.  Automatic writing is performed by a medium thought to be channeling the spirits of the dead.   These samples were taken from his book, Pneumatologie positive et experimentale, and are the results of his experiments.

This figure represents another method of communicating with the dead: by use of a necromantic bell.  The bell must be cast of an alloy of lead, tin, iron, gold, copper, fixed mercury and silver on the day and the hour of the birth of the person who intends to use it.  It must then be wrapped in a piece of green taffeta until the bell-bearer has the opportunity to place it into the middle of a grave in a cemetery, where it must remain for seven days.  After seven days, she can retrieve it and use it to communicate with the dead.

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