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"Having a tarot/birth chart reading with Natalie Labriola is like looking out your window late at night and discovering a piece of full moon behind dark branches that only you can see.  Except she is right there with you, seeing it too-- calmly and sensitively illuminating past, present, and future forces that formed/form/will form you.  Natalie distills complex concepts with great patience and the gift of powerful intuitive capabilities.  Her rich use of language helps the material enter into your psyche and do its work.  It is simultaneously uncanny and grounding to be in her wise sights. I cannot wait to have my next reading with her and cannot recommend her highly enough."


-Kim Rosenfield --Poet & Psychotherapist

"Natalie's cosmic perception of "self" reverberates somewhere in the liminal between practical and ethereal spaces. She didn't seek to impose a classic antiquated view of humanity through limiting ideas like predictive fortune telling - instead, she blended the frameworks of civilization, psychology, evolution, proprioception, and time-scales to help coax the querent to work alongside themselves to generate whatever vision they see fit for an unyielding and fulfilled future."

--N S, Librarian

My reading with Natalie came at the perfect moment. I was in the middle of a transition and felt so unsure of what direction to take going forward. It was incredible to hear her describe essentially exactly what I was going through. What has been so helpful, is that the reading provided guideposts for me that I never would have noticed otherwise. I’ve thought of our conversation at least once a week since!


--Lucy Lord Campana, Artist

"Receiving a reading from you was an experience in feeling deeply seen; creatively, spiritually and as an individual. You were able to articulate the overarching themes of my life in such a specific way, it was quite remarkable. It left me feeling understood and less afraid of examining the steps that led me here. Your reading style is grounded, alive and inspiring - ESPECIALLY during a transitional time like mine. I can't wait for my next reading."


-Sophia Somerville, Writer / Tarot reader

"My reading with Natalie left me absolutely shook.  Our phone call felt so special and intimate, and Natalie's intuition and insight was so on point, I think she is kind of a witch.  I can't recommend her services enough!!"

-coco fitterman, poet 

"Natalie is a deeply sensitive and intuitive reader. She pulled out several important threads and connections between my spiritual practice and my creative practice that felt affirming and resonant. She was also interested in hearing my reactions and input, and this made for a rich dialogue. Weeks later, our reading continues to unfold. I look forward to working with her again."

-Shea in the Catskills, Artist

"My reading with Natalie was super magical! Her energy is calming and I appreciate that she accommodated to my level of knowledge of the Tarot and made sure to check in with me throughout (it was my very first reading). Her insight on the cards and their relationship to each other as well as my intention was phenomenal, truly tuned in. She gave me tips that will help me in my journey as well as empowered me to continue decoding. I loved the questions she chose before each pull, the message was clear at the end and I am so appreciative of Natalie!"


-Caitlyn Ann-Thomas Hoffman, Artist

"Within the first few minutes of my Tarot/Astrology reading, Natalie described the dynamics of my childhood and their relevance in my life today (I'm in my 40s) with such precision that it moved me to tears.  She held the larger context of these painful experiences with compassion and sensitivity, and helped me to see their larger purpose in my life.  It was quite a validating and moving experience.  It helped me to feel more at peace, to see the larger picture of my life, and to move forward with a deeper connection to myself."

-JS, Designer 

"I worked with Natalie for both a Tarot reading and an Astrology reading. I left each reading feeling seen, respected and hopeful. Natalie is extremely easy to talk to, and clearly draws from deep amounts of knowledge and intuition in her readings. Her language is clear and direct, but she is also charming and kind. The work she did for my astrology reading blew me away, and the conversations we had throughout the process brought clarity to different aspects of my life. I cannot recommend her enough. You will enjoy your reading and you will want to come back."


-Charlie McKenna, Writer  

"I heard of Natalie’s gift by word of mouth. She was kind, compassionate and took time to describe each card pulled and and explain it’s meaning. She couldn’t have been more accurate with the events unfolding in my life. Her accuracy was uncanny and this has helped me clarify the new direction my life was taking. Thanks again Natalie!"

-Kimberly R., Educator

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