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Please note that most clothing is sold out. For specific inquiries, please email


These talismanic shirts are made to capture specific auspicious astrological alignments.  They carry the qualities of each alignment they're made under, acting as permanent containers for these energies.  They are created according to the technical and theoretical talismanic practices that have evolved over thousands of years, drawing on primary sources like The Picatrix and Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy.   They are created through ritual, using symbolic correspondences to the planetary bodies in question. 


 Because these pieces are hand-printed within very tight windows of time (ranging from a few minutes to a couple hours), they will be made in limited quantities and priced higher than the regular inventory.  Auspicious sky-weather being what it is, (rare and infrequent) these talismanic pieces won’t come out at regular intervals — only when the moment is truly ripe for the picking.  Each piece of clothing will also come with information on the election, suggestions for ritual use and incorporation into your own life.




This election captures the Sun in Leo, the sign of its rulership. Here, we find the potential for career advancement, gaining favor from authorities, and an influx of creative energy that floods the spirit with a brightness and a desire to radiate outwards.   Click here for a full description. 




With Venus in Libra, we find the goddess of Love, Beauty and Art in one of her own domains, the airy and intellectual sign of Libra.  Here, Venusian powers can attract and harmonize relationships of all kinds, both socially and romantically.  Especially potent for artists and creative ventures, Venus in Libra brings an amplification and a refinement of one's aesthetic visions.  Click here for the full description. 

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